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Our history is born from the possibility of expressing a passion for aesthetics and a love for the manual, the natural and our origins.

Many years building a dream step by step that now comes true and seeks to reach men and women who appreciate creativity, exclusivity and the value of handwork, through pieces of author jewelry lasting over time.

Our Jewels are made of 950 Sterling Silver, this means that it is a 95% pure silver alloy and 5% copper. Pure silver is very malleable so it needs copper to improve its mechanical properties.
The silver alloy over time loses its shine and this is due to the copper present in said alloy since this, exposed to air, changes its hue. This is not considered a part defect, it is a natural process of the metal ... something like our wrinkles.

Silver as a precious metal is a commodity.
Besides making you happy, your jewel is considered an investment.

Jewelery care

•Avoid contact with perfumes, body creams and products that contain alcohol.
•Always store the Jewel in its original case or independently.
•Avoid bathing, exercising, going into the sea or swimming pool with the jewel on.
•Exposure to soap or other chemicals can change its original shine.

How to clean your jewel: do it yourself with a little bicarbonate dissolved in hot water and rub it on the piece with a soft brush. Another option is to contact me and in a special machine we will return your original shine.


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  •   COLOMBIA:       +57 310 3867069

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